Crystal Lake Cooperative Preschool
A Learn Through Play Experience
Learn Through Play
Cooperative Preschool
Crystal Lake Cooperative Preschool


We hope that being part of a cooperative
preschool will be as rewarding for you as
it is for your child.

Cooperative preschools are great - especially with lots of parental participation and input. That’s what cooperative pre-schools are all about. We are a group of concerned parents, working together to create a fun and safe place for our children to learn and play. It is where strong minds, bodies, and good self-esteem are built. It is also a good opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child while watching their social and emotional growth.


We encourage you to take an active part in this very important part of your child’s development. Please bring your suggestions, talents, and input, and help us make our school a wonderful experience for all.

OPEN HOUSE & Registration
2013-2014 School Year

August 22, 2013
Crystal Lake Elementary

A Learn Through Play Experience

Come join us and learn about our preschool program. Meet the teacher and bring your child to play with some new friends!

Now enrolling children 3 to 4 years of age

For more information contact Candice at 231-649-1636

3 Year Old Program
Tuesday/Thursday Class
Available 9-11:30am

4 Year Old Program
Available 9-11:30am with
before & after school program available

For more information please
contact: Candice 231-649-1636


Contact Information

Crystal Lake Cooperative Preschool
Crystal Lake Elementary
7048 Severance Street - Benzonia, MI 49616
Phone: (231) 882-0291,

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